I've been soliciting blog articles, and they're starting to come in!

Here are some on stochastic methods which we can expect to see soon:

* [[Marc Harper]], [[Blog - relative entropy in evolutionary dynamics]].

* [[Marc Harper]], [[Blog - stationary stability in finite populations]].

I should be editing the first of these today! In fact I should be doing it right now! It will be the next article on the blog, that's for sure.

Taken together, these two should give a nice introduction to new work on evolutionary game theory with a strong emphasis on _relative entropy_ and _information geometry_. One thing I want to explain clearly is how relative entropy can serve as a Lyapunov function for evolutionary games. This includes answering "what the @#!% is a Lyapunov function and why the &#%@ should I care???"

The overall goal is applying robust concepts like entropy to better understand the behavior of biological and ecological systems.

* Manoj Gopalkrishnan, [[Blog - Lyapunov functions for complex-balanced systems]].

This post will explain a very interesting entropy-related Lyapunov function for certain chemical reaction networks. It's almost done, but it needs some editing and it still needs pictures.

Again, the overall goal is to apply entropy to better understand living systems. And since some evolutionary games can be reinterpreted as chemical reaction networks, this post should be closely related to what Marc is doing! But there's some mental work to make the connection — for me, at least. It should be _really cool_ when it all fits together!

* [[Alastair Jamieson-Lane]], [[Blog - stochastic cross impact balance analysis]].

Very roughly, this is about a method for determining which economic scenarios are more likely. The likely scenarios get fed into things like the IPCC climate models, so this is important. I met Vanessa Schweizer at that workshop on [What is climate change and what to do about it?](http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/balsillie/), and she suggested that I could help her and Alastair and [[Matteo Smerlak]] work on this topic. That sounded really interesting, so I solicited some blog articles to prime the pump!

Since this stuff is stochastic, it may be related to the other posts above. I don't know how related it is. Matteo should have some opinions on that.