On another thread, John wrote:

> Pretty soon I’m going to talk to the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, who had asked me:

>> If you could do anything to change the world what would you do? Many people haven’t had the opportunity to ponder that question because they have been busy studying what could be possible within a particular set of resource constraints. However, what if we push the limits? If all the barriers were removed, then what would you do?

> What do you think I should say?

It's such a daunting question. On a personal note, what makes it even harder to think about is having grown in a wildly idealistic left wing milieu. This was followed by a long series of painful encounters with the reality principle. But the extreme reaction to this, of abandoning all vision, and yielding to cynicism, is also flawed. How to "dream" in a sober way?

I'm starting this thread as a place to attach any thoughts that any of us might have about the question.

Rather than coming up with a structured response, I will be adding notes in a "journal" style.