This thread is a place to brainstorm about existing and potential Azimuth initiatives.

To my mind, the most effective paths to growth will be those which are based on specific initiatives. At present, we have:

* Network theory research -- green mathematics.

* Azimuth Code Project -- scientific programming for environmental applications, or green scientific programming.

Each of these gives a specific focus, towards which we can hope to organize our activities, and create spaces for new people to contribute in the future. Each initiative is a potential engine for generating articles on our multi-author blog.

But there could be more!

For example,

* Development of curriculum on **science that really matters**, (1) for general audiences, (2) for kids.

* Including: things about probability and stochastics that every citizen should know.

All of this would be more than enough to keep us busy for a long time. But still, it is worthwhile to consider other possible initiatives, which could work their way up in the priority queue.

What else?