I want us to create some short blog articles that publicize the work you guys have been doing. The idea is to post graphics and descriptions of how they were created, not necessarily drawing big conclusions.

To get started, let's try this:

* Dara O Shayda, [Darwin Tahiti SOI comparison](http://files.lossofgenerality.com/darwin_tahiti_soi_comparison.pdf).

Dara: could you

1. Give me the figures that are included in this file?

1. Say where you got the Darwin and Tahiti data?

1. Say anything you can to explain how these figures were generated? (I understand how the Gabor transform works - is that all you are using here, or something more complicated? A Gabor transform needs a certain parameter that describes the width of the "window" - what are you using there?)

Ideally people will learn to write these posts themselves; right now we're limited by the fact that I'm doing most of the writing. But I'll try to write this one. There's nothing here yet, but this is where I'll write it:

* [[Blog - exploring climate data (part 1)]]