* [[Letter to Ludescher et al]]

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John wrote:

> So, maybe one of us should send them a polite email and ask them some questions.

Let’s discuss our intentions and strategy for such an email here.

Mostly what I see in our discussions are concerns and critical analysis of their methodology (and notation), rather than true questions. This is fine, but calls for a different approach when contacting them. One could always turn a criticism into a question, e.g., do you agree with this problem concerning the running means, or do you agree that your results only have weak statistical significance, but I don’t see that leading to productive discussions.

But if I’m wrong here, and people do have real questions they’d like to ask them, please can you rephrase them here so we can gather them.

The broader goal, as I see it, is to engage them in a discussion of the issues, because of their expertise in the subject, and get as much feedback from them as possible before submitting anything for publication. But putting them on the defensive wouldn’t be a good way to start.

This wiki page gives one approach to communicating with them.

Please everyone help to get this into shape and fill in details.

This page can later serve a second purpose, which is to provide material for a project page that’s oriented towards a general public.