Okay, it's "crunch time" - I've got to spend the next month preparing my talk on "Climate Networks" for the [Neural Information Processing Seminar](https://nips.cc/Conferences/2014/Program/schedule.php) in Montreal on Wednesday December 10th. I've never been so terrified of giving a talk before. Adding to the stress is that on that Monday, Arindam Banerjee and Claire Monteleoni are giving a 2-hour tutorial on [Climate Change: Challenges for Machine Learning](https://nips.cc/Conferences/2014/Program/event.php?ID=4267). I'll enjoy attending this and learning a lot, but it will also make it harder for my talk to impress anyone.

It would have been much, much smarter to give a talk about category theory and networks - something I know a lot about. But I feared this would be too abstract to interest the audience, and I overestimated my ability to do something really exciting in a new subject. Oh well: it's too late to change topics now, since my title is on the posters! So, I'm going to have to dive in and try to prepare an interesting talk on climate networks.

I will try to avoid thinking about anything else for the next month. I'll try to post drafts of my talk as soon as possible. And, I'll try to write some blog articles briefly summarizing all the interesting papers on climate networks that I know.