Long ago I started thinking about how an actual "Star Trek" economy would work. As you may know from the TV franchise of Star Trek, the "United Federation of Planets" future doesn't use money. Quoting a "Deep Space Nine" episode, the Ferengi Nog says:

> "It's not my fault that your species decided to abandon currency-based economics in favor of some philosophy of self-enhancement."

It never really gets any better than that at explaining how it would actually work; Star Trek canon simply avoids the details, always hand-waving whenever it comes up. Well, if you read this https://medium.com/@borgauf/star-trek-economy-direct-logistics-77d44746b4a9 you may begin to get an idea. It's not a scholarly paper, rather, done in the usual chatty Medium style, but you'll still get the main points.

Basically, we have what it takes to go "currency-free" now. My problem, of course, is to get anyone to take this seriously. If there is any aspect of life more prejudicially ingrained in people's minds, it's economics. But with our highly-networked present-day world, we have all it takes to leave off currency-based accounting and simply use the basic logistics data of direct supply and demand, that is, the actual to-and-fro of stuff. Give it a read and let me know if I've come to the right place. I hope so.