HI all. Some people may not know me: back when Azimuth started I had some "free time" and was working from home so I had pretty much constant internet access so I read and contributed to the forums a lot. Unfortunately for the past few years I've been a heavy commuter so while I still have the same amount of time, I don't have the internet access and haven't been reading the forums for a while. So apologies if this is stuff that's been discussed, but here's a couple of questions:

1. I'm working on a short Azimuth-length-ish post thats about maths but not environmentally related. There have been some articles on general maths there, so as a question of general principle would such a post be considered? (Obviously further debates about quality are needed, etc).

2. Secondly, if there is potential, what's the best choice of markup for stuff heading to the blog these days? (I've done quite a bit of the writing, but no mark-up yet.) This involves maths so there'll be some form of embedded latex, but html or markdown for the words?