Hey everybody!

My name is Michael but people call me Mickey so if it ever recalls in your future memory feel free to call me by my less formal name. I am a physician currently practicing in Seoul, Korea where I specialize in metabolic recovery, nutrition, and psychology. I studied chemical engineering as an undergrad so always had an interest in applied mathematics but working on open ended problems eventually got me into pure mathematics.

I first started learning category theory couple years ago but being a non-math major, I didn't understand a single bit of this wild abstraction. Then after reading through John Baez and Bartosz Milewsky's website and Youtube lectures with a little bit of my own thinkering, I have been able to grasp the basics but learning without interaction is not only boring but also dangerous! So I am greatly honored and excited to partake in this course with all of you and hopefully I will be able to keep up and maybe even contribute.

My current fields of study are : complex adaptive systems, information theory, nonlinear dynamics, combinatorics, and cycle analysis of physiological processes