This is actually my re-introduction, but a lot of time has passed since I [first introduced myself](

I've been interested in category theory for a long time, but feel I've missed many opportunities to improve my understanding over the years. Too much passive reading, and not enough active work or participation, so my goal is to kick these slovenly habits for this course.

I'm a consultant in the financial services industry, and, being the sole proprietor of Al's Databases LLC, I don't think I could live with myself if I weren't to make it at least as far as Chapter 3: "Databases". This seems to be quite a different flavor from the normal functors, monads, etc that I am used to from functional programming, so I'm looking forward to working out the details.

(The last time I was involved in active study was two years ago with the HoTT NYC group; we were making our way through [the book]( and feeling our way a lot of the time to be honest, but it was enjoyable as there was a good mix of mathematical and functional programming people participating.)