Hi everyone!

I am a Master student in Mathematics and in Computational Science at the University of Amsterdam. I have a Bachelor in Mathematics, Physics and in Neuroscience.

I started fantasizing about applications of Category Theory in linguistics during my first course on the subject. I was happy to stumble upon the paper "Towards a Categorical Theory of Creativity for Music, Discourse, and Cognition" through which I came in contact with Ehresmann. She gave me some nice research directions how to apply Memory Evolutive Systems to neuroscience. Still working on this. Since, I had been considering different possibilities of applying Category Theory, but so far I am just trying to read up on the existing literature. More recently, I learned about John and the Azimuth project through a poster of the Applied Category Theory workshop in Leiden.

Currently, I am looking for a project for my Master's thesis on Applied Category Theory in Neuroscience.