A bit of my background, studied Physics as an undergrad, with a lot of computational modeling and simulation. I questioned of redundancy in the computational physics workflow (prototyping in a dynamic language and then doing a performance implementation), and that lead to investigating other programming languages. At some point I discovered Haskell, started looking under the hood, and then learned more about Types and Programming Languages, starting with taking a class in Software Foundations. That lead to investigating formal logic, and trying to reconcile the the parallels between types, logic, and physics lead me to category theory.

At the same time, I've been paying attention to the world around me: social, political, ecological and economic systems, and would be looking to try my hand at applying math to these problems (possibly via dynamical systems theory and related ideas) in the hopes of finding new sustainable solutions. This has also lead to studying the history of economic thought. As a software developer, I'm also investigating how dependently-typed programming can also help. As of now, I'm independently studying all this, so I'm very open to collaboration.