I'm James K. Alcala, about to begin my graduate studies in mathematics this fall at UCR. I recently completed a B.S. in pure math from UCR, so I'm happy to be returning to familiar territory. Right now, the topics I enjoy learning are analysis (real and complex) and some applied math, which I think is why I'm here: the more I hear about category theory, why it exists, and how it's being applied today, the more I want to learn about it. A little over a year ago, I worked on a project supervised by Dr. Fernando López-García, now of Cal Poly Pomona, studying the optimal constant of the Poincaré inequality on convex subsets of Euclidean space with respect to the \\(L^{2}\\) metric. I was able to give a talk in once of Dr. Michel Lapidus' seminars focusing on the proof in the 1D and 2D cases. While my background is primarily mathematical, I also spent a year as an English major who intended to minor in math, so I enjoy critical reading and humanities-type work, as well.