Hi everyone,

My name is Gien. My background is in systems design of electronic systems. I've been involved in R+D for most of my adult life, as it pertains to electronics, industrial electronics, and wireless , industrial and SCADA communications. However, my interest is no longer in that domain. I'm transferring my systems approach from engineering to working on the wicked problems faced by our species and especially in citizen-based approaches which can be applied locally, but scale globally. The organization I co-founded, Stop Reset Go, is focused on mobilizing citizens for sense-making, developing and piloting rapid whole system change solutions for the planet. Our small collective is working with a growing solidarity network of open source scientists, engineers, academics, ecologists, entrepreneurs, makers, economists, social activists, agroforesters, industrial designers as well as ordinary citizens to develop local circular economic models as well as programs for psychological shift towards a society based upon holistic wellbeing. We have developed a very specific multi-discplinary strategy that we would like to share with this community to get feedback and see how viable it is and if there are synergies. This is a work in progress, but members of our solidarity network are at various stages of activating their specific solutions.