Hello! I am Jad Issa. I am a student of electrical engineering and I'm very interested in Category Theory and Functional Programming. I started learning functional programming with SICP https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Structure_and_Interpretation_of_Computer_Programs and I really enjoyed it. I have then researched more into programming theory and I'm learning more about lambda calculus and type theory and such fields. In fact, somewhat recently, I have found out about Homotopy Type Theory from a bunch of videos by Thorsten Alternkirch on the Computerphile channel on Youtube. Here's one of them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SknxggwRPzU

I started researching quite a bit then, and I found category theory which I just loved. I found out that that's the stuff I'd like to work on in the future. I'm now learning mostly from the videos of David Spivak at LambdaConf and from 'Category Theory' by Steve Awodey.


Since I started learning category theory (pretty recently), I have begun finding categories in really non-mathematical things, and that only made me love Category Theory even more.

I have always been fascinated by mathematics and theoretical computer science, and I'm planning to continue my career as a researcher in these fields. I have founded clubs, and discussion groups and other things like this forum to try to find like-minded people to work with them on Category Theory. And that's what made me join this forum. In fact, I'm planning to change to a double major of mathematics and computer science next year to help push myself into research and academia. In this regard, Category Theory and Homotopy Type Theory are prime candidates for future research fields I could work on because I simply loved them.

Incidentally, it turned out a main focus of this project is environmental protection, which is a thing I'm really really interested in. So that's 2 in 1 :P

I hope that I can get to know people and learn more about category theory from this forum as well as contribute to the community.