* [Coronavirus Policy View 1](https://www.azimuthproject.org/azimuth/show/Blog+-+Coronavirus+Policy+View+1), Andrius Kulikauskas

Elsewhere, @AndriusKulikauskas wrote:

> Hi David and Paul,
> I want to suggest here at the Azimuth Project that we might have a significant impact by helping develop and promote mathematical thinking in public policy. Ideas such as "tipping point", "carbon budget", "flattening the curve", can make all the difference. Of course, they can also lead us astray. The idea of "flattening the curve" and references to "the peak", in my mind, often suggest wishful thinking that we just need to slow the pandemic down and it will magically go away. The point of my article is to argue that it won't magically go away and we will have to do massive testing of the population before we can loosen the quarantine. A slogan could be "Wait for the Test".
> I machine translated my article and created a page: Coronavirus Policy View 1. My thought is that the Azimuth Project could host many views, possibly contradictory, with the aim of encouraging, developing and promoting mathematical thinking. This would be material for people to use in writing opinions and editorials or simply communicating their own views.
> What do you think?

It's an interesting idea.

Some points of form. Since you haven't been around for that long you may not be aware of the following customs that have developed over time (so don't take these as any kind of criticisms).

* When proposing group level ideas, it's more fitting to address it to the group at large, rather than directly to e.g. me or to Paul.

* As it expresses a view, your page was naturally written in the first person. That's a very different structure than the rest of the wiki, which is in the style of a mini-encyclopedia, oriented towards reference material. We have a structure for accommodating position statements in the wiki, which is to treat them as "virtual" blog articles. Accordingly, I applied the blog category to your article, and formatted the title according to our style convention.

* Whenever a new page gets created, we ask people to create a new, dedicated discussion for that page, which has the title of the article in the title of the discussion, and begins with a link to the article. This way, people can be free to create new pages without worrying about asking for permission from the group in advance -- yet on the other hand, by announcing it in a dedicated discussion, it gives it prominence and gives everyone a chance to weigh in on it. For any article other than a blog, others are encouraged to make actively make changes (without asking permission in advance), and then announce their changes on that same discussion. (Of course we're all working together here, so if something isn't clear it may make sense to first discuss it before making the change.)

I have done just this for your article, in this discussion.

If anyone else wants to post other "blogs" with different viewpoints on coronavirus topics, that would be great. At the moment, I don't have any to contribute, simply because my thinking is on other topics at the moment.

My only gut level hesitation about position statements on coronavirus policy is that I wouldn't want things to devolve into ideological arguments e.g. about whether it is more important to save human lives or to open the economy. I.e. to keep things on a fairly scientific / objective basis. Clearly you weren't going in that direction Andrius. It's more a concern about providing food for trolls. Well, we don't have any around here these days, so that's a bit of a theoretical concern. And this doesn't mean that we should avoid topics like the mathematics behind policy -- it's green math! -- but that a vigilance should be kept in the back of our minds, to keep things away from the weeds.