Hi - I'm new here, short personal intro at end.

I've been mulling about the question of how we can possibly tackle the environmental crisis given the apparently insurmountable problems facing us. I put my ideas into a website at 1biosphere.net
As technologists and mathematicians you may want to skip to the post at https://www.1biosphere.net/2021/05/17/back-to-basics-why-1biosphere-stories-are-different/
and if I am too wordy skip to the second part of section 4 -
that's where I ask for help from mathematicians, network people, database gurus et al.

If you think what I write is useless, just more noise in an already overly noisy environment, please say so. I need some feedback, good or bad.
If you are still with me, as mathematicians you might be amused by https://www.1biosphere.net/2021/03/23/the-idea/

Axel Dougan, CA, USA.
World population was 2.5 billion when I went to school (I am not responsible for the tripling since then!).
Undergrad degree, Uni of Western Australia, in Math - but there is no way I can call myself a mathematician.
Several decades in IT; Started when coding meant assembly language with sharp pencils on coding forms;
Ended in management stuff when pushing financial exchange systems.
One decade (approx) in residential energy inspections, retrofit etc. east coast USA