(High School == Scottish S3, England/Wales Year 10, USA Grade 9)

After tuning in to yesterday's very interesting presentations in Compositional Robotics (Part 2), I was (once again) considering nations as systems, and looking at the kind of ... intuitions ... and skills that we should expect our children to be conversant in as they progress into adulthood. Systems thinking is one obvious necessity, but, as the raison d'etre of yesterday's seminar showed, it needs some quantitative tools to support it - category theory being one of the key underpinnings.

I don't regard myself as sufficiently competent in the theory to start teaching it to my children (systems engineering, I'm OK with), and would like to get the basics right rather than them having to unlearn things later.

To this end, I was wondering if anybody has any recommendations for material suitable for (at least) high school level children? Ideally, such material should allow self-study but taught by irresponsible adult is fine!

Many thanks