One rule I try to live my life by (and has served me well) is to try hard to never complain about something unless I at least attempt to offer an alternative.

I wish Azimuth could adopt this rule in some form or another.

If someone here comes up with an idea and another member wishes to criticize it, they must offer an alternative along with the criticism.

For example,

>Member 1: Floating apartment are stupid. It will never work due to tidal effects, storms, etc. Instead, maybe we should try some kind of spring mechanism so that apartment remain anchored but can be raised or lower.

>Member 2: No. That is a stupid idea because ... Instead, you should develop a system of hydraulics...

> Etc etc

In this way, the conversation moves forward.

It would be hard to strictly enforce something like this, but if we could develop a culture here where that philosophy became ingrained, I think it could be a very powerful thing.

Just thinking out loud...