So far there are pages appearing that look like

* [[Home Page]]
* [[Azimuth Project]]
* [[Global warming]]
* [[Coral reefs]]
* [[nuclear power]]

This is one of the items, i.e. capitalization, I discussed with Andre Joyal and posted an email on the Azimuth blog. Should all words be capitalized? Just the first word? Or none of the words?

It is probably a good idea to establish some convention now to avoid having to fix a bunch of things later when more content begins appearing.

>You’ll probably also want to think about several conventions. For example,

>- Do you want page names to be capitalized or lower case?
- Do you want all page names to be nouns?
- Do you want all page names to be singular?
- Do you want the first appearance of a word you are defining to be _italic_ or **bold** or no particular marking?

>The nLab has decided to make page names lower case, but personally, I prefer upper case page names. This affects the label on the top of any given page.

>I prefer the “title” to be upper case.

>They also decided to make page names singular nouns and to use **bold** for the first appearance of a word in a definition, whereas you seem to be gravitating to _italic_.

>Another convention which I HOPE you follow is to put “s” INSIDE the brackets. For example, if you have a page [ [groupoid] ], Urs and some others will often write the plural link as [ [groupoid] ]s. That is quite unappealing to me and every time I see it, I cringe, and proceed to “fix” it. I’ve spent countless hours chasing Urs around changing “]]s” to “s]]”.

>There are two ways to handle plural links. One way is to use what is called a “pipe link”, i.e.

>[ [groupoid|groupoids] ].

>The idea here is the name on the left of the “pipe” | is the name of the actual page you are linking to and the name on the right of the pipe is that appears on the page. In the above case, the word “groupoids” appear on the page, but points to the page “groupoid”.

>Another way (which I prefer) is to use redirects. This is easier and cleaner for authors, but requires a one time addition to the final destination page.

>For example, I’ve gone through most of the pages on the nLab and added redirects for plural versions of the page.

>Now, on the nLab, if you enter a link [ [groupoids] ], it is automatically redirected to [ [groupoid] ]. This is clean and I wish everyone on the nLab followed this convention.

>To make this work, you simply add a line

>[ [!redirects groupoids] ]

>to the page [ [groupoid] ]. In a sense, this PULLS someone who clicks a link to [ [groupoids] ] to the page [ [groupoid] ].

>By the way, if you choose to use upper case page names, then you’ll probably want to add redirects for both plural and lower case. For example, if you have a page

>[ [Category] ]

>you will probably want to add

>[ [!redirects category] ]
>[ [!redirects categories] ]

>That way, when anyone clicks a link [ [category] ], they end up on [ [Category] ].

>Links are case sensitive.