Well, I talked to 3 people at the Laura and John Arnold Foundation: Karla Sainz, someone named Stewart who works on research integrity in science, and someone named Kelly who wasn't visible from the Skype camera.

I explained the Azimuth and Selected Papers Networks projects to them, and they seemed interested, and they said to keep in touch, but they didn't say anything about giving us money, or further steps that might lead to such a decision. So, I'm not very optimistic.

Stewart told me about [METRICS](http://med.stanford.edu/metrics/), the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford led by Ionnides, the guy who wrote the paper [Why most published research findings are false](http://johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/why-most-published-research-findings-are-false/). The foundation is helping fund this center.

He also mentioned the [Center for Open Science](http://centerforopenscience.org/), another project they're funding.