I took the liberty of changing the title of the page from "Financial resources of Azimuth" to

* [[Finances of the Azimuth Project]]

I think it's good to let people know how the project is financed! As Nadja says, an important part of evaluating information on controversial subjects is understanding who paid to make it available. Nobody pays serious attention to us yet, but if they ever do it will be nice to have all these things completely transparent, so we might as well start now.

But, I expanded the topic from "financial resources" to "finances" so I could add some information on how much I'm paying for different things... in part so I can remember this, and in part because it will help people see how ludicrously cheap the whole project is. When things settle down at your end, David Tanzer, it would be nice if you could also say how much you are paying for different things. Ditto for you, Jim Stuttard! (I guess when things settle down Andrew Stacey will be paying nothing.)