Andrew wrote:
>NTNU is (currently) hosting this forum, but that should not be viewed as endorsement on their behalf.

In some sense they endorsed you via employment and they pay for the servers, which are under your responsibility, so I think in some sense it is to be viewed as endorsement on their behalf.
As said I can imagine that Azimuth would be regarded as a "grey zone" of academic mathematical activity for quite some people in math departments and so I understand that you feel uncomfortable with that. I think Azimuth should be well-regarded as mathematical activity, in terms of job opportunities for students it may even be more justified than some concrete math research.... But yes if something bad should happen here at Azimuth that fact could be used by your enemies/rivals or whatdoIknow to shoot you down, finally - you were operating in a "grey zone".

John wrote:

>But, I expanded the topic from “financial resources” to “finances” so I could add some information on how much I’m paying for different things… in part so I can remember this, and in part because it will help people see how ludicrously cheap the whole project is.

Yes this makes sense.
By the way in this context it would also be interesting to see the work hours invested by volunteers.