The other lines of geophysical evidence pertain to the Earth's Length of Day (LOD) and of the Chandler Wobble.

Besides the 28 month quasi-biennial period in the QBO, there is most definitely an odd 1 rad/year frequency component concealed in the time series. This also shows up in the ENSO SOI results, as I demonstrate in the [other thread](

As Gross from JPL has pointed out from his analysis of LOD, there is a connection between the wobble (a beat period of 6 years) and the welling of the deep ocean.

[1]R. S. Gross, “The excitation of the Chandler wobble,” Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 27, no. 15, pp. 2329–2332, 2000.

In this whole area, the lines between what is of a geophysical origin and what is a climactic origin start to blur.