Hi, folks. I accidentally posted the blog article before making some of the changes you suggested. I'll make some now.

David Tweed wrote:

> Compare to what?

To Ludescher's paper, but I guess that wasn't obvious!

Graham wrote:

>I think the post needs an earlier mention and (informal) comparison with Ludescher et al.

Well, I don't think I'll have time to compare it to Ludescher, but I should clearly mention them.

I'm hoping now is to quickly run through a number of different papers on climate networks before I give a talk on this stuff in a month and a half. The resulting blog articles will be rather hasty and dry. For example, that's why I just quoted the discussion in the Berezin _et al_ paper instead of digesting it. Sorry, but I gotta rapidly get myself up to speed! I'm at the limit of my capacity, going crazy teaching two advanced courses, writing grant proposals and getting ready for this talk.

Graham wrote:

> I can’t see any images...

I hope that's fixed now. Sometimes the UCR math department computer crashes. It looks fine to me now.