Jim, Thanks for reminding me of the other historical data. I will have to do a higher resolution hindcast on the model and note where the strong El Nino spikes are and then compare against your list.

And you talk about a steep learning curve! As of 2013, when I started getting interested in ENSO, I was actually [writing commentary](http://moyhu.blogspot.com/2013/09/more-on-global-temperature-spectra-and.html) on Nick Stokes' blog that it was likely a Red Noise behavior. Nick and other commenters [dissuaded](http://moyhu.blogspot.com/2013/09/more-on-global-temperature-spectra-and.html?showComment=1381372335393#c6934134888318331683) me of this notion, but now that we may be getting somewhere, I wish they would get drawn back in to the discussion! Something has to spark the interest of Dr. Stokes , who I know is a fluid mechanics/statistics whiz and also is a member of the Azimuth Forum. He, more than anybody at our level, may be able to ascertain whether this model is all wet.

I will also keep trying to get the paper published somewhere. Nothing is published yet, and the submission is still languishing on ARXIV.