Sorry Jim. I am simply looking for people that are doing similar work. On that particular blog that I refered to , there is a fellow in the comments that claims he can predict ENSO [accurately]( I looked at his approach and it looks very similar to the neural network training that Dara was working on within the last year. Dara thinks this fellow's approach is standard NN and also doubts that he can use it to predict with any accuracy. I also can't tell whether he is on the level either. Is he over-fitting? Heck, am I over-fitting? Who knows, maybe he is doing something similar to me.

Yet I am not going to put my head in the sand and simply ignore what someone has to say because they have a different political outlook than I do. I subscribe to the theory that they can score "Own Goals" and unwittingly contradict their own case. This eliminates a path on inquiry that I don't have to go down.

My personal issue is that I have a difficult time trying to find anybody else working on the ENSO problem outside of the inner climate science circles. I have to admit that I am a naturally curious and can't help checking out what others are working on.

BTW, Atlantic dipoles are very weak and I don't think they are worth looking at.