Hi John and all, I didn't hear from you or find any partner interested in working together in Math. Instead, my friend and boss in tobacco control agreed to be my partner. I wrote a proposal that was geared to my personal interests. I'm not sure how relevant that could be for the Azimuth Project. Here is what I proposed:

A Theological, Philosophical, Psychological and Sociological Model of Unlimited Personal Growth

Dr. Kulikauskas considers: How to nurture an alternative culture of independent thinkers? Since 1982, by way of hundreds of investigations, he has developed a comprehensive philosophy which fosters an attitude of learning, growing and living forever.

Dr. Kulikauskas is working to establish his philosophy as a practice of inquiry which may inspire a culture of independent thinkers. He seeks financial support for three years:
  • To make his philosophy accessible as a theoretical Overview and as a practical Handbook.
  • To foster a community of practice by organizing monthly workshops.
  • To interest various disciplines of the academic world with 12 presentations in Lithuania, 12 presentations in other countries and 12 academic papers in international journals.
  • To test his philosophy by applying it to a quantitative, scientific, real life challenge: accurately modeling the behavior and morality of addictive drug use by individuals and groups.

A unifying theme in Dr.Kulikauskas's work is unlimited personal growth. He thinks of this as learning, in other words, as growing in understanding for oneself. This includes first-hand understanding of theology and philosophy by exploring the limits of one's imagination. It also includes first-hand understanding of psychology and sociology by empathizing with people in the widest variety of real life experiences. He seeks to formulate a model which makes sense theologically, philosophically, psychologically and sociologically. Such a model may ground a practice of inquiry which defines a new culture.