The O IV 554 can (now?) also be viewed within the TIMED mission:
It has been increasing from 2003 -2012 (remark in between there was apriori a solar minimum).
After 2012 the calibration of TIMED is not good enough, as written in the description.
However the O III 704 Line doesnt show a clear increase from 2003-2012 (it seems a bit elevated in between).

The H-I-1216 Line at TIMED looks though very different from the lines around 1216 nm in SORCE,
which probably displays how difficult and error prone calibration and background adjustments really are.

Anyways concerning the oxygen one could also mention the
(I said above I dont want to suggest Schalenbrennen, but how big is the probability for alpha
process in isolated bubbles?)

There are 4 Carbon lines on TIMED they are all declining, apart from the 1561 line which seems to stay more or
less constant.

Another remark in the small circle above in the He-I- lines 537 and 587 are located, however in the TIMED data only the 537 line increased.
In SORCE both lines increase until 2015 and have been declining sharply after that. I dont know in which process these isotopes may be occurring.