Dan wrote:

> I'm doing all the exercises (through 1.80 so far) although I haven't talked about them here. They are excellent for ensuring that I understand the material before moving on but I think that they may be too numerous and too simple (in general) to clog up the forums with a single post for each. (I'd be happy to be wrong!)

Elsewhere are are having a debate about whether to have these exercises be posts or put them on the [[Azimuth Wiki]]. The two exercises so far have been fairly worthwhile as posts, in part because they're covering topics that I haven't hit in the lectures. And in fact my lectures will always cover just a fraction of the stuff in the book... while expanding on the topics I find most important.

> I'd love to see more discussions that start with "I don't quite understand topic X yet", which would both give me a reason to jump in more (trying to explain things is a great way of learning them) and demonstrate to everyone that it's okay to struggle with the material a bit.

I would love to see more like that too! Can you start a few? I suspect everyone is afraid to admit ignorance.

Maybe I need to start some discussions like this myself. But then the students may run home and say "Mom! My teacher doesn't know what he's doing!"