Adding my thanks too John: for your energy and patience as much as the simple understandability of your lectures & comments. The pace is at the upper end for me. I'm with [Nathan]( in having limited time and being a slow reader of maths. I am, however, hugely enjoying it. It can be a little difficult to follow, with multiple active discussions on several topics\\(^{1}\\). But that's a necessary consequence of differential pace. A picture might be useful to help navigate; something like this?

![course structure](

It's not complete, but already getting quite complicated. And the vertices could be hyperlinked direct to the relevant sections. This is the sort of thing that participants could perhaps contribute\\(^{2}\\) - which would help with your time commitment.


\\(^{1}\\) which means, I think, the topics form a poset (but not an order). Rationale: there are parallel topics but no loops - so reflexivity, transitivity and antisymmetry hold - but trichitomy doesn't.

\\(^{2}\\) this particular diagram is generated using [graphviz]( The source is on [github]( if anyone wants to help complete it.