Great job Juan! I saw that `LeftK` was just `Identity` but I didn't think to pull it out of mtl and see the symmetry you did!

Here's what I have been thinking about where to go next:

- So, we have enough now to do the dual adjunction to `(,) e` \\(\dashv\\) `(->) e`. Keith Peterson talked about it in another thread. We have `???` \\(\dashv\\) `(->) e`, but the adjunction is *not* in **Hask**. It's in a new category based on `Classical`.

- Other than that there's still Ed Kmett's construction, which I think is what inspired him to make the `adjunctions` library in the first place. This is all purely in **Hask**.

- Finally, I would love to resume digging through Conal's paper, since I am excited to try to apply his machine learning stuff!