> I noticed that a common expression I used in one of the recent posts was edited to remove one mildly vulgar English word that expression contained.

Are you talking about this Forum, or the blog?

In real life I talk like a sailor, though only in the privacy of my own home. But on the blog,
I almost always avoid 'dirty words', because over long experience I've found that maintaining an almost absurdly high level of politeness and 'decency', and an unheated emotional tone, is the best way to keep people from descending into downright rudeness. And I'm the one who has to set a good example.

So when I want to say 'hell', I say 'heck' - etcetera. This almost quaint sort of euphemism is a good way to let people know that I'm not gonna let anyone start cussing on my blog.

But I've very rarely had to bowdlerize people's posts, and I don't remember doing it with yours!

I really doubt I did it, and I also doubt that Andrew did, and I can't imagine that anyone else has the power. Hmm: could there be an automatic system that does it? Not here, probably - I'll soon see - but on the blog? There may be some setting...

By the way, I'm much less worried about people getting into fights here than on the blog. At least so far. Someday the Forum may get big enough that it becomes a real issue.

Q: What is 'heck'?

A: It's where people go who don't believe in gosh.