Hey Simon

> Matthew said
> > I don't always know the name of some mathematical object. I like making definitions and reasoning about them. Should I use a convention like this?
> My issue was with you giving an established name -- unital quantale -- to something. It wasn't clear to me that your definition of unital quantale was one you'd just come up with or a definition from the literature. If you want to define something then give it a distinctive name!

Okay, you missed the exchange between Anindya and me. I originally used the novel name *complete* monoidal poset, and Anindya corrected me that it is called a quantale. I read up in them in wikipedia and decided my definition was equivalent to what wikipedia calls a unital quantale. IMO *complete monoidal poset* isn't a silly name, since it's a complete rig and a join-complete semilattice. It's just unconventional.