I've lost enough marks in school to know that this is *technically* incorrect since \\(x\\) is in units of \\(\text{bread}\\) and \\(y\\) is in units of $.

This is like saying, "an electron will jump to a new orbital, before decaying back down and emitting a photon, but only if it has been given *1.2* of energy."

Without the units, this doesn't make sense.

The answer with units is,

\Psi(x, y) =
\texttt{false} & \mbox{if } (x = 1 \text{ bread} \mbox{ and } y \lt \$ 2) \mbox{ or } (x = 2 \text{ bread} \mbox{ and } y \lt \$ 4) \\\\
\texttt{true} & \mbox{otherwise.}