Pete - I'm glad you're liking this course.

> I wonder if it would be helpful and fun if you ended with a few "greatest hits" lectures to give us a taste of the later material without trying to teach it thoroughly.

I could definitely do that.

> When you give us puzzles to solidify our understanding, it would be helpful if the discussion could be distilled to a correct set of answers "blessed" by you.

This would take a lot of work, which I don't have time for now... but I understand why it would be good. I had naively hoped that confused students (e.g., wondering which answers were right) would ask questions. But I agree that's nowhere near as good as having all the right answers to the puzzles nicely organized in one place.

I'm kinda planning to convert my lectures into a 'book', or at least a PDF file. If I do this, I hope to include good answers to the puzzles.