Thank you so much for the lectures, John!

I've been following the course since day 1 and it has been a tremendous help. I'm just studying a master in computer science so I've been lacking a lot of the mathematical maturity people seem to have here - which is why I was only marginally commenting and starting new threads.

It's been a great help reading the lectures as a supplement to the Seven sketches and trying to come up with answers to puzzles. What has been great is also just seeing how *other* people come up with answers and understanding what their thought processes are.
I feel like I'm just now starting to get some solid foundations in CT. I also feel like there's so much more stuff to learn in CT than I originally anticipated :)

I hope you do manage to finish the lectures, in one form or another.
Personally, I'd be okay with having fewer lectures per chapter, as long as we get to hear a bit about everything that the book talks about. The last two chapters seem especially interesting and I'd hate not hearing your take on them!