Jan, I can no longer reliably comment at ATTP, as the moderator takes capricious delight in deleting my contributions, no matter how benign they are. That extract was from an ATTP comment that you had made recently and which I couldn't reply to at that blog.

Agree, I am not into whatever kind of signal processing fu that Mann is attempting. The stuff I am analyzing should be more than obvious to anyone that took a signal processing course in college. Maybe the difference is that I was doing stuff like building FM transmitters, depth finders, analog companders, etc while I was a teenager so have an intuitive feel for working with signals that's distinct from the math. The point I was trying to get across to Mann is blindingly obvious to a comms engineer but it apparently went right over his head, and I wasn't going to generate any bad blood by pushing it beyond that, so dropped it and just thanked him for responding.

Out of curiosity, have you had one-on-one interactions with earth scientists or geophysicists?