Being a veteran of threaded discussions, it's always useful to go to the source. David, In this thread [you directed this question to me]( :

> @WebHubTel Hi Paul, For the benefit of people who haven't read up on Petri nets / reaction networks, could you say a few words about Lotka-Volterra, and why it is of interest? Do you come across it in your work?

I responded that I knew about L-V and provided a link to a blog post I wrote in March called [Lemming/Fox Dynamics not Lotka-Volterra]([ Then you asked me to elaborate, and so I summarized my opinion that L-V does not explain the cycles because of the evidence that an external forcing is involved in controlling the population levels. I mentioned this to imply that I was wary about the general utility of L-V for modeling predator-prey dynamics.