* [Dimer](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimer_(chemistry)), Wikipedia.

> A dimer is an oligomer consisting of two monomers joined by bonds that can be either strong or weak, covalent or intermolecular. The term homodimer is used when the two molecules are identical and heterodimer when they are not. The reverse of dimerization is often called dissociation.

We'll look at the homodimer case, which is just the reaction \\(X + X = 2X \rightarrow X_2\\).

For instance, the potassium dimer \\(K_2\\) is a molecule consisting of two potassium atoms, and the dimerization of potassium would be the reaction where two \\(K\\) atoms combine into one \\(K_2\\) molecule: \\(2K \rightarrow K_2\\).

The reverse reaction, where the dimer splits into two monomers, is called dissociation: \\(X_2 \rightarrow 2X\\).