Misc. Planetary Scale Wind Harvesting Impacts-

- Large Wind Plants, conventional and AWES, create a rain shadow downwind while enhancing rain upwind, much as hills and mountains do.

- Steering the major Westerly Jet Streams, while also harvesting kinetic energy, might reverse accelerated Polar Warming.

- Cyclonic Weather systems, including hurricanes, could be steered by AWES formations. Under Chaotic Sensitivity to Initial Conditions, large weather systems could be controlled by small early inputs (Chaos Control).

- Moisture at high altitude that would otherwise overfly continents could be harvested to water continental arid zones. AWE moisture by-catch on the Lee-side of continents has less negative impact.

- Condensate Trails created by AWES would be cooling by day, but warming by night. AWES can adjust altitude to modulate this planetary albedo factor.

- Again, AWES tech is both an energy source and geoengineering means. Energy provides the economic basis for geoengineered climate-change mitigation that might otherwise go unfunded.