Wind Ontology in recent years has been approached from two fresh angles, Analogue QM, and Linguistics. Its still a very open subject, like thermodynamic QM itself.

Paul, It would be great if you (or Prof. Baez) could peek at Planck's Constant, which is wrongly dimensionalized by being tied to atomic-scale quantum-of-action. If quantum-of-action is allowed to be non-dimensional, QM is recoverable at all scales, including ENSO-QBO, all the way to Cosmic scale. A wave is a wave is a wave (function). That's ontology.

As Modern Physics has become all Hydrodynamic Field-Theory and (quasi) particles merely effective approximations, the cracks in Copenhagen QM have been patched over again and again. Now there are many Classical extensions and the "Classical Limit" has dissipated. This two-way identity opens up ready use of elegant "Analogue" QM math for macroscopic problems like Wind Fields.

Here is an atmospheric-scale QM Analogue of Tunneling-

Walking Drop Dynamics are recognized macroscopic Quantum Analogues-