DaveT asked: "How is there more than an analogy between QM and ENSO waves?"

Between Planck's original Black Body Radiation QM case, there is only coarse analogy with ENSO. With Bush's walking-drop example of Analogue QM (broadly part of QM2.0) there is a macroscopic identity emergent.

A 100m wavelength radio wave is a fully QM "particle" (photon), but QM is still commonly taught as "microscopic only". By social convention, to avoid confusion with "quantum quackery", physicists carefully refer to "quantum analogues".

Scientific Analogy is not trivial, but a core principal. By Analogy, ENSO truly is a QM quasi-particle creation-annihilation process, for those who find the comparison insightful. QM principles are applied and accepted in many macroscopic fields, like crowd and traffic analysis, geology, cosmology, etc. Meteorology is just one more branch of science suited to modern wave function math.

PaulP wrote: "There's obviously no wall in the atmosphere above the Panama Canal that needs to be tunneled through."

In this Tunneling Analogy the analogous barrier is the land-bridge, as Hurricanes are created and sustained over warm water. In Physics, there is "no wall", solid as such, just >0 probabilities that quasi-particles can pass thru on-average effective boundaries.


Its often claimed, "everything is QM", but also often still disputed; as if Newton's Physics was more "real". In fact, Classical Physics is easily extended to recover QM, and vica-versa, so that a wave truly is a wave is a wave.