Dave said:
> "Perhaps the only problem with your QBO thesis is that does not neutrally account for all statistical drivers on merits. If you would nod to all major known causes of the multi-chaos, that would undercut objections of peer reviewers, meeting them halfway. Hell yes, lunar excitations and partial forcings are formally entailed; so they have to bend too. Once happily published, onto the next adventure."

I'm not worried about that as I don't necessarily have to account for all possible drivers, as my model accounts for a driver that no one else has accounted for. (Recall that I submitted the short paper to the journal titled Earth Systems Dynamics under their category ["ESD **Ideas**"](https://esd.copernicus.org/preprints/esd-2020-74/)) So it is up to others to come up with a comparison of *their* model to *my* model, and if their statistical drivers can account for the empirical evidence better, that will be fine.