Multi-Chaos Science is not "punting" if you sort it out. Stick with it. It helps to care.

You are not addressing the possibility that your 60Hz (or 59-61Hz) analogy is correct in the sense that coherent noise really can corrupt deterministic chaos data. Maybe what we should be doing to understand ENSO-QBO better is filtering out some of the lunisolar noise in sensor data.

"Punting" could instead be now claiming ENSO data is inadequate for any purpose but asserting your thesis, that no proof in geophysics is even ever possible,* that you simply don't care to predict upcoming periods because they might be wrong just "by chance", that Jupiter QQO is not worth weighing as a counter-argument analog, that Coriolis Force is "constant" when its not, and anyway an a priori insufficient geophysical driver by itself, that non-tidal Wind Setup itself is Lunisolar forced, that Chaos Physics cannot be applied rigorously ever since Poincare to this day because geophysicists on the whole are incurious clueless guardians of false orthodoxy, and that your previous writings have resolved all possible alternative hypotheses, like simple Helmholtz resonance overlaid with lunisolar signal; that third-party investigators must care enough to compile your code into executable form and run the Model themselves while you don't care enough yourself to predict upcoming cycles, except "even better", 2280 onward, and so on. Give me some credit; I do not "punt" like these claims, at least.

Your hypothesis really is testable by publishing accurate (or not) near-term predictions like competing models do. You have not studied nor quantified how negligibly Lunisolar sensor-data noise may (or may not) be corrupting the statistics you rely on. You have not mapped out an end-to-end causal sequence of lunisolar forcing, the actual mathematical physics that would be the heart of credible validation of the lunisolar forcing hypothesis.

(*) You concede 1300yrs might settle doubts here. Eratosthenes and peers are credited for proving Earth is round, and even closely calculating circumference, >2000yrs ago. It then took ~1600yrs more for full Wilczek-confirmation. The Science Game here is hardly settled yet. Its 2nd Quarter at most.