Again, what amount of Lunisolar Noise do you think is in the ENSO data? Do you think its only "forcing" expressed in the data? No contribution to chaos?

As Earth rotates, the Moon's pull goes on way, then the other. Does this to-and-fro not considerably cancel overall, by elastic response?

Anyway, open ENSO questions continue piling up. Please take due time and care addressing them rigorously.

Regarding CAPS use as ad hominem red-herring "punting" with regard to ENSO Topic; which words were wrongly capitalized, so they can be fixed, removing the objection? Look at Newton's PRINCIPIA, as first printed. Feynman's Notebooks have more CAPS than Trump-

Search on , "I avoid people who have a tendency to capitalize words that shouldn’t be," delivered a clown at top of results-

That's "BS" and "crap" in one URL. Avoid THAT person, not Newton or Feynman.

Citing NOAA (bad), v citing Mashable (good)?

Your Mashable link to "Ubiquitous (CAPS) Habit" by "NICOLE GALLUCCI" (sic), who herself reasonably writes with CAPS as she sees fit (like "Extremely Self-Aware"):

"...capitalized words in texts or tweets not only highlight an original idea, but give off an extra sense of pride one has in that an indicator of sorts...they alert readers that the altered text is the most important part of a thought, but also that the writer has a certain sense of humor...Every single Extremely Self-Aware person who replied (to CAPS use query) made sure to lightheartedly own their capitalization habit in their responses, fully embracing the technique as part of their personality."

CAPs is a "technique" to "fully embrace", according to your source.

This topic is about ENSO and QBO, regardless of who shuns Newton for CAPS. Lets focus on Geophysics Content.

Getting back to serious ENSO science questions posed, but still unaddressed by you. Is Lunisolar Sensor Data Noise not a legitimate open ENSO Modeling question in your view? Until refuted, its a plausible alternative hypothesis to explain the Lunisolar Signal apparent in ENSO-QBO data.