Yes i like Cosma's [whole course]( and I return to it refresh my memory :-)
Maybe you should try to interview some of the "doyens" in Complex Adaptive Systems ? I know that you are interviewing
mainly experts in climate. But it would be fun to - after finding out if they do care about global warming - see what they
can contribute with their multidisciplinary approaches? James Crutchfield, [Mark Newman](, Cosma Shalizi, all were at SFI and I can come up with several other suggestions!

BTW Cosma and Kristina Klinkner [implemented CSSR]( which seems to be an efficient way of

> This is the homepage for CSSR (Causal State Splitting Reconstruction), an algorithm for building recursive hidden Markov models from discrete-valued time series, and other discrete sequential data. Unlike conventional hidden-Markov algorithms, which tune the parameters in a fixed architecture, CSSR is capable of inferring the appropriate architecture as well. In fact, under certain conditions, CSSR will converge on the optimal model of the underlying data-generating process.
CSSR has been implemented and successfully tested on a range of different discrete time series and sequential data streams. This page provides the full source code, released under the GNU Public License.

So tell me more about the Entropy club, when you have more time!