I think it is important to understand some relevant aspects of human nature. When someone told Churchill that "by 2050 women will rule the world" he said "Still?". The point is that women are the meta-rulers of the world. They decide the rules of the game, men try to win. Even when it seems that men are persecuting women, this is an aspect of female power struggles. Nobody comes home from persecuting rebellious females to the disapproval of their mother, wife and sister. Keeping females uneducated suits high status females: it keeps female status as hereditary rather than meritocratic. However it results in poor meta leadership from the female half of the population. That is why female education is the key to so many human problems. I don't think this is any different. Female disinterest in Science and Mathematics means that they have poor skills for evaluating the conflicting messages coming their way. One needs to be careful about exciting fear about resource shortages among women. There is a genetic reflex for women to send men off to war in such circumstances (and we cynically note that in the primitive circumstances where this reflex arose, the women themselves were only in danger of being captured, not killed if their side lost).

On the other side, male reflexes are heavily influenced by the dangers of being killed in internal or external power struggles. The adult sex ratio in primitive circumstances is often 2:1. I think it is fair to say that men are only going to be overly concerned about saving the world when there is a female push. And there is, but not quite as well informed as we would wish. An important aim is to put that on a firm footing. One of the things that makes humanity so effective is that men compete by cooperating. The women reward male cooperativeness, and are interested in the meritocratic struggle even when they don't understand it. It should be said that women can fit into the male hierarchy anywhere, including the top. Men, by contrast, are excluded from female status. I also note that a standard male type is the tech expert: he knows stuff (or pretends to) and he tends to stay away from fights and chasing girls, but a girl will catch him if he can find a niche. This type is heavily represented in Science and Engineering, and is indeed the driving force behind modern civilization.

My next missive will propose a plan based on these ideas.