It's interesting that 'conjugate' has two meanings which are somewhat similar to the two meanings of 'adjoint'. Weird, huh? And there's even a word 'adjugate' - but I forget what that means.

I'll start by writing a new revised to-do list.

I would like to write an article about some aspects of this paper that you didn't cover:

* B. Khesina and G. Misiolek, [Shock waves for the Burgers equation and curvatures of diffeomorphism groups](

Or maybe you'd like to?

I really like the 'free particle picture' for solving the equations. I talked about it [here](, and this picture makes it very clear why we get shocks.

It would also be fun to talk about chaos in the incompressible Euler equations, following Arnol'd. That's a bit closer to 'chaos in weather', which everyone likes.