I had missed this post too, but brought up Bret Victor on the [Simple online climate model](http://forum.azimuthproject.org/discussion/892/a-simple-online-climate-model/?Focus=6539#Comment_6539) thread:

> I am not in the mood to nitpik over constants since I have just watched [a GREAT talk](http://kottke.org/12/02/inventing-on-principle) which I strongly recommend, even to non-programmers. This is how twiddling constants in Javascript *should* be done!

> I was happy to learn that the developer behind this [Bret Victor](http://worrydream.com/) was the creative talent behind Al Gore's [Our Choice app](http://pushpoppress.com/ourchoice/) which surely makes him ideal to draft in to help or at least advise here! We should send one of John's robots over to pay him a visit.

So Bret is already somewhat saving the planet -- it would be very cool if he were interested in Azimuth as Curtis suggested, since we could all learn from his (evidently impressive) bag of tricks.